Floral Headdresses
Through the ages, brides have always worn some form of headdress during the wedding ceremony. Of all bridal customs and traditions, wearing a circlet, wreath or coronet of flowers or greenery on the head during the wedding ceremony is the one that seems to best represent the bridal legend, and be the most consistent. 

Today floral headpieces are back in fashion from simple headpiece to the pretty floral circlets, which is bringing back the floral element to weddings. The natural, rustic headpieces and woodlands circlets are now in much demand and the addition of pretty pearls and Swarovski crystal makes these headdresses even more appealing.

 Image curtesy of henry hudson

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darcy orchid hairgrips
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evie wedding headdress
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lou bridal hair comb
woodlands circlet
charlie beach wedding headdress
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