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Mia - £95.00p

Swarovski Crystal Tiara© 
A real statement piece this beautiful Swarovski crystal tiara made with three different size of crystal olives. Set on a soft, flexible base silk wrapped for comfort this design combines all the sparkle expected from Swarovski crystal, a truly elegant and easy to wear design. Available in Preciosa Czech crystal and in plain or AB colour.

The design shown is approximately 2½”at the highest point but both height and width can be specified.

Delivery at this time is approximately 4 weeks but
rush orders can be accommodated

All designs are boxed.

The difference between AB and plain crystal can be quite confusing and are sometimes very easily mixed up. 

Crystal, also known as Crystal Clear, is completely colourless and transparent however because of the clarity and cut of Swarovski crystal the sparkle is absolutely amazing. Crystal AB, so called after the Northern Lights comes from the word "aurora borealis" and has a special coating applied which gives it a rainbow effect but still sparkles beautifully.
If your dress has plain diamante or crystal on you may want to choose plain crystal to follow the theme of your dress embellishment, however this is a personal choice and the decisions is entirely yours.

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